It has been a long road with the creation of 4th Hanzo. When I started it two years ago I was very happy with the feedback I received. I was busting my butt drawing two comics at once, and found myself stuck on overload. With that said, I decided to submit all my strips of 4th Hanzo that year to Comixology. I have heard so many great things about them and I figured I’d give it a shot. Two rejections later puts me to where I am now. I was rejected because one page was slightly pixelated. I don’t blame Comixology, they’re just doing their job. I got tired of waiting.

So now it’s time for the good news. Starting today you can stop by and purchase your own digital copy of 4th Hanzo at our online store. Now this comic is not as popular as it used to be. So please, share it! Tell your friends about it! Review it! Please! The more the merrier. I will even state that if I can reach over 50 downloads I will launch a Kickstarter campaign to get the 1st book printed!

Wanna know how to get started, got to our shop here



Kat Daycare Returns!!

I hope everyone had an amazing Chanukkah and Thanksgiving Holiday!! The cats of Kat Daycare had their share of turkey, jelly filled donuts and latkes as well!!

Many have assumed that the beloved cats ran astray but they are making a mighty come back in our next -The Stroke Magazine-!!

They will be hyper, animated and full of fun… I promise!! 2014 is right around the corner and so is the great return of Kat Daycare and our other comics as well!!



4th Hanzo: Dragon Ninja Edition starts tomorrow!

Hey everyone, I am Penhitsthepad’s very own Miguel Hernandez. I’ll be re-releasing the webcomic series 4th Hanzo! The new series will be starting from the beginning, this is especially for all of our new readers. The original series has been remastered and is visually better than before. For all my WordPress users out there, unfortunately I had to switch to Tumblr. This was due to the cost and lack of funding to utilize multiple sites. I hope this doesn’t stop you guys from reading, though commenting might be a hassle. I hope to gain some better ground and with that, feel free to spread the word! 4th Hanzo has always been a joy to draw and I hope you enjoy it as well! So tell the masses, 4th Hanzo is back! Check it out tomorrow and every Wednesday at www.4thhanzo.com

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